Our new pals at “DOPECAUSEWESAID” LOVED our new record!

Our new pals at “DOPECAUSEWESAID” LOVED our new record!


New “Caffeine Queen” review from the DOPECAUSEWESAID blog!

“The ‘Caffeine Queen’ album shows off Them Fantasies’ uncanny ability to delve into a world of their own design, fully immersive and completely teeming with life.

Them Fantasies are never out of time and place on the dreamy haze of their debut album ‘Caffeine Queen’. With the greatest level of grace, they handle genre-hopping deftly. At times tapping into the moody late 80s/early 90s indie rock sound they go for an expansive roster of influences. From the contemporary laid-back rhythms of Mac DeMarco’s shaggy-dog lyricism to the heightened tension of Sonic Youth’s ‘Daydream Nation’, the whole of the album is wrapped in so many layers of sound. Instrumentally vibrant, they mix together grunge, indie pop, and elements of funk sometimes within a single track. By avoiding easy categorization, they craft something that is uniquely theirs.

Despite being a trio, Them Fantasies have a far more expansive quality to them. The way Dominic Cannarella’s vocals lead the way adds to the poetic beauty of the album. Every track feels akin to a chapter in a greater story. Shifting between various energy levels and focuses, the whole of the album has a kaleidoscopic quality to it. Incredible riffs alongside a real ear for melody allows these to unspool at their own time. Never rushing things, Them Fantasies makes sure to create a lush, joyous realm.” - Carlton Boyd

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Special thanks to The Deli Magazine for this awesome write-up!

Special thanks to The Deli Magazine for this awesome write-up!


“Them Fantasies serve a rich blend of styles in debut record Caffeine Queen”

Spiffed up and ready to take on the world are Boston's Them Fantasies, a well-polished group with a brand spanking new debut record. The band's Caffeine Queen is an alt-rock treat with an unquestionable aroma of jazz and hints of pop. "Hook-Up Culture" amps up the groove factor with a slithery-entrancing bassline while "Melatonin" lets the guitar solos and anthemic choruses fly for a double shot of alt-rock goodness. In "Acid Anna," the band shines as the jazz influences take over and provide comforting escapism from reality. From the speedy "Plastic Heart" to the reggae-soaked "Them Fantasies," it all comes together sumptuously. Having returned from an East Coast tour, Them Fantasies are sure to let the album's steam propel them to the next set of gigs. Enjoy our favorite track from the new record "Acid Anna" below. –Rene Cobar

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"Hook-Up Culture" on Four Independent Playlists

The indie playlists by New Pop, Bandrec, Caltify MX, and Deep in Tune deliver a loads of cool music by DIY artists around the world. "Hook-Up Culture" sounds great on all these playlists and we’re grateful to be included on them!

Prepare for a caffeinated ride when you listen to Them Fantasies' debut album, Caffeine Queen, an intricate blend of alternative rock, desire, intricate production, and vice.

We’re ecstatic to have our debut record finally released into the world! An intricate blend of alternative rock, caffeine, saucy grooves, and vice, Caffeine Queen, a technical-yet-rowdy album, showcases our signature sound in nine carefully produced tracks that draw from a variety of influences like the Strokes, Thundercat, STRFKR, and Soundgarden. House/EDM producer Nick Smith of SMLE/Rocket League fame captured our alternative/indie rock vibes in a very unique way, and together we’ve created an album with an unmistakably contemporary sound.

Lead Single "Bastard Too" is one of the most fun songs to play!

Echoing Block Party, the Strokes, and even Rush, the song highlights how even though relationships can be tough, when you love somebody, you are willing to dismiss hardships, surmount obstacles, and find forgiveness in your heart. You love them and that’s what matters; it's the only thing that will always matter. A song with a classic rock beat, "Bastard Too" uses hard-hitting drums to accent the lyrics while hammering home the conflicting emotions of vexation, personal fallibility, and forgiveness.


June 27 to July 14 — Them Fantasies went on a Summer Tour along the Eastern Seaboard.

Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, NY June 27

The Pharmacy, Phildelphia, PA June 29

Brighton Bar, Long Beach, NJ July 1

Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA July 2

El Rocko Lounge, Savannah, GA July 5

Wrek, Georgia Tech Radio, Atlanta, GA July 9

Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA July 10

529, Atlanta, GA July 11

Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH July 14

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We stepped out of our comfort zone for our 2019 sophomore single.

The live and electronic drums in “Acid Anna” gives the song a real driving feel that is complemented by a playfully melodic bass. Yet, the slow tempo and laid-back pace of the song makes you think you have all the time in the world to just chill—to chill and follow Dom’s distinctive baritone down the rabbit hole with lyrics like, “In the eyes that dilate, Lies a world that never waits." There’s something inexplicably psychedelic about “Acid Anna.” The lyrics bring to mind Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze,” Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” and Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” If you’re looking for something that has an out-of-body-but-solidly-rock vibe, “Acid Anna” will not disappoint.