TF 2019 Debut Album

Stay tuned for updates, vids, and single releases!


Them Fantasies is super excited to announce their debut album will be released late spring of 2019! Dom, Eric, and Steven will be splitting time in Boston, MA and Windham, ME for the production of the album. The guys will be teaming up with engineer Bishop Clark, who recorded with them previously on “…Until the End”, and producer Nick Smith, another close friend and producer for SMLE.

“We’re really excited to begin working on the new album. We’ve got an awesome team with us, and we’re really just going to take our time and create the best sounding album that we possibly can.” - Eric McCoy

Them Fantasies further says that they have already completed the first single for the album, titled “Nothing But the Screen”, which is set to be released early February. Fans can expect one or two more singles to be released in promotion for the late spring release.